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"All your commercials have really great voice overs! How did you hook up with that Voice of Doom? - Alternative Press Magazine - August 2007 Issue (asking how Punk Radio Cast found Jeff!)

"Jeff Straub is a voice imaging god that must be listened to. Yesterday’s news is JJ McKay. Yes, Jeff used to be a active DJ for 9412 but with the sheer number of stations using his strong, smooth voice you gotta admit that the boy must be good." – Chris Popp – 9412 The Rock Station from Webcaster U’s Quick Bits

"We went with Jeff Straub because he stands out above the others with his crisp chords.. He has definitely grabbed the attention of our listeners. Thanks for helping us become the number 1 Top 40 Station!" -- Tony Burke, PD WSHN, The New Sunny FM.

"I was just totally blown away. Jeff understood exactly what I needed! I honestly believe he may be "The best kept secret in America", when it comes to voice work."Toby Wagoner – WVRC-FM

"Jeff, I'm blown away! I've had to listen to all of them about 10 times each. Effects and echos are all perfect!" – Matt Ellis – ESPN Radio 1240, Jackson, MS

"Thanks. I’m very happy with all the work. Great job!" – Travis, ESPN Radio 1130, KLEY – ESPN Radio KKLE and Oldies 93.5 KWME

"Your work is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much!" DJ Simon - Tech FM and Cyberjaya Radio

"You are the man!!!! Those sound excellent. I would be happy to run a spot for you if you would like to send me one. It's the least I can do for such great work. Let me know. Thank you very much!" Brian – Twisted Radio

"Hey Jeff ,they are absolutely great!" Marion Rapp - Z-100

"Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seriously blown out of the water with these!!!! They are so good!!!!"

And that's a serious understatement. Honestly, this beats the "big guys" hands down! The station has never sounded this "professional" before!!!!! I played the sweepers to a few colleagues and they were absolutely amazed at how good these sound. They were picking their jaws up off the floor!

Honestly, I'm still buzzing with excitement of having such cool sweepers.

I like the way you've done different styles - some quick 'n easy with little repetition, others more drawn out, and you've also thrown the frequency in others.... you've got so much talent there.

You've FAR exceeded my expectations. You certainly get a HUGE thumbs up from me! - Edwin Hermann, MIXX FM, New Zealand

"Hey thanks a lot. You did an amazing job." – Jeremy Wilson, N00bed Radio

"I got them and I'm extremely happy with them. Everyone that has heard them so far is amazed as well. Thanks for the great job you did on them." – Rob,

"Wonderful work! Super stuff!"– John – Bob Yonuss Club

"Outstanding! Fantastic! Holy crap!!! Jeff, I couldn't have asked for anything better. Outstanding man, appreciate the quality and quick turnaround. That's some damn fast turnaround. Thanks man." – John, 2nd Shifters

"Holy hell! They are f***in awesome.... damn... I will definitely order again soon."– DJ Killer, Killer Rock Radio

"The sweepers that you sent me are fantastic, I couldn't be more pleased with them." Alan, Mediasound, London

"Jeff, all I can say is ‘awesome!’ Thanks for the great work...they are all great!" Felix, Dove Radio

"YOU’RE A STAR! These are great. I really couldn’t of done better with the words. You have hit the spot. Thanks a lot, mate! I look forward to doing business with you again real soon. I can’t stop laughing at the "Its a cheap imitation one." I absolutely love them mate. These jingles are just what we needed!" – Tom Foreman, UK Radio

"I thought the sweepers were of superb quality, above a professional standard and delivered with amazing speed and accuracy, you knew exactly what I wanted from some very vague descriptions. I am so impressed with the quality that I will be using your services again, and expect a much larger order next time!! 10/10 service, thank you so much!" – Mike,

"WOW !! Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU !!!! BRILLIANT!"Rupert Jones, Sierra Leone Radio

"Thank you so much for hookin’ me up with those. They sound awesome, better
than I envisioned them to be."
– Jay the DJ, Soundcheck Top 40

"They are excellent! I really like them. Thank you!" – Michael Tsikorus, V Networks

"You dude!!! This is real sh*t man! :D Thanks, man! : It sounds damn good!!!" – DJ, Dzanar

"AWESOME!!!! JUST CANT BELIEVE HOW GOOD these are!!! U THE MAN!!" – Andy, Rhythm FM

"Pure art, my friend. They are now all on the air and sound terrrrific. I'll be getting back with you on some more soon. I'm loving what I'm hearing!" Leo Ashcraft, MBC Consulting and KKXI, The Flash

"Couldn't have asked for a better sound! I've been trying to get a sound together for my station that matches the imaging of one of my local stations (KSHE 95, St. Louis) because it is their station I've modeled my station format after - and this is definitely it." - Rob, Program Director,
The American Radio Network

"These are outstanding, Jeff. I do appreciate these and I'll get back to you with our payment thing in the near future. These are fantastic. What a True Talent you are!. " Don Coco, KRBX

"Tell ya what, They were great!" Richard Whitmore, WEAK FM, Union Station

"These are perfect in every respect. EXACTLY what I wanted when I contacted you, I'm so
glad that you were able to understand my ideas and that you've produced even more amazing audio than I could have hoped for."

"You've come up with exactly what I wanted and all the exact effects I was hoping for, you must really know your job and your customers needs very well! I can't say anymore because I'm thrilled with this audio and think you are very kind for including the extra ID's."
– DJ Rob Fernandes

"Jeff, it's perfect. Thanks! I'll definitely be in contact with you for future projects. Thanks again!" – Bryant,

"You did it again! Very nice work!" – Gary, The Beach Tanning Salons

"Jeff... i jut loaded all 12 into the playlist and let them play and i almost fell off my seat... you just f***ing blew my mind.... these are the coolest id tags i have ever heard..."

So ya you can bet i will be back every month to get some new commercials... THESE ARE AMAZING and you where so f****ng quick to get them done... i am just amazed!" Danny,

"Oh my GOD ! The miss brown and the bitch ones are so &^%$#@ great! We are rolling on the floor! You are the best, man!" – Kelley, Madonna’s Bitch

"These are GREAT!!!!! I've already placed them in the station computer and they are ready to go. When I first listened to the demos on the website I thought 'those are nice' but when I opened our first sweeper I was blown away!!! In a few months WVJW will be back for more!"Bryan French, WVJW

"Those are fantastic.......very well done man! I’m blown away!!!!!! Best money I’ve ever spent." – DJ Wolf, RTRADIO.COM

"Those voiceovers/id's are fookin' fearsome. I did indeed receive them, and was blown away. Just what I was hoping to get." – Ivan Grant, Beachbum Radio

"The idents were great. I'll definitely have some more orders pretty soon from colleagues that have heard them so far." DJ DNO, Urbanhitsquad

"Jeff, the production is GREAT! Thanks, again! We continue to get great response to the station AND to 'the guy with the deep voice'. Never, in my radio career, has the voice over talent gotten the listeners attention as you do. It's great to have you working with us!" – Brian Lewis, 95-Z Roanoke Rapids, NC

"That is PERFECT!! You are by far the best I have come across on doing voice overs!"Mike Moss, Indie Gospel Radio

"Thank you Jeff! Very nice I’m impressed! You are the man. Both ecardica and deot sound great."Alan, and

"AWESOME! I am running them already!!!!! " – Joel, and Generation Rock Radio

"I want to thank you for the sweepers that make me more than 100% satisfaction."Koichi, Dabo Radio

"About your work, need I say anything? It's great as usual! They're up there with the best that you've made for me so far. Thanks for everything, it's well worth the price. Plus, from the time I e-mailed you to the time I received them, it took less than 8 hours! How can you beat that?!" – Jay The DJ, Soundcheck Top 40

"In one word, "WOW!!!" I am working on scripting a few more, and will get back to you soon. Thanks again! The speed of your turnaround was phenomenal!" – Kevin of Knight and Ward Road Shows

"I want to say that I am MOST impressed with what I got for my money! Words can't describe how pleased I am with the re-making of ads previously produced by me. Having made them originally with few resources and a crappy mic, I knew that they needed a professional touch and I knew it was going to be a lot of work... you exceeded my expectations on all levels, including turnaround time! The sweepers you made are PERFECT! I plan to use you again and again. And if you have sweepers of your services, send 'em to me - I'd love to help spread the word about you! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"– Fishee – Two Fish Media and

"Awesome! Awesome Job! - I could not be happier! Again, thanks for the great work -- I'll be in touch!" – Jyushin Lyger, Jyushin Lyger Radio

"Awesome, absolutely perfect, and in the same day,,, holy shiznat! Gonna work on some more scripts for ya to make more! Thanx!" – Drew,

"I don’t think they were good. I think they were fantastic! Consider me a constant customer!" Alex,

"Awesome work, seriously, more than I was hoping for! We will definitely be using you again, you rock. Our station is gonna sound so kick-ass when we use these. I love the intros especially!" Terry Pritchard – CAD (Ctrl-Alt-Del) Radio

"The station is sounding really great and the response from the community has been unexpectedly high and positive. Your imaging really makes our sound complete." Brian Lewis – 95-Z WZNC

"Awesome man... great job! Thanks a ton! Your prices were perfect for us... can't thank you enough!" Brian Heckathorne –

"Excellent work man. I knew it was going to kick ass and it does. Great job. I cannot thank you enough nor can you imagine how much I love these sweepers. I will definitely be back with some more work for you as soon as I get a couple more scripts made up. Thanks again Jeff!" – Dj Argo,

"Thank you so much, Jeff! You are the best! I'm very impressed already with your prompt service!" – DJ Wimberly, Music Hype Radio

"Your voicing and production is stellar -- you know that you can charge ten (or twenty, or thirty) times the prices you are quoting, and it would still be a bargain. I'm glad that I found you, and I'll recommend you to everyone I know! With many thanks and great appreciation" – Bobby Steele – KSTN - THE Boss DJ


"Thanks Jeff.....The whole package is fantastic.....The Promos are Excellent.Comments about the Station from Listeners: Your station sounds so much more professional......those new promos "Rock" Station ID's.....WoW!!..... So, I would have to say: I am very "Happy" I will put your link on my website today....Thank You for the Great Work you did on behalf of Hurricane FM....." – Russ - Hurricane FM

"Great! Great! Great! Just wanted to drop you quick note. I Love my first package you did for me for K92 WKCS. You are now the new voice of KCS." – John Louw – K92 WKCS

"Man.....absolutely delighted with the jingle/sweeper/liner package!! They're exactly what we wanted, voice delivery, and pronunciation perfect. I will certainly be passing your details to colleagues and will undoubtedly be using your services for all my future imaging needs! Once again a "BIG THANK YOU".... keep up the good work." – Tony Adams, Media FM 87.7 Birmingham, UK

"All I can say is I LOVE THEM!!!! They’re great!!! Thanks a lot, God Bless also to you!" – Eric, Spirit FM 87.7, The Philippines

"Jeff, U ARE DA BOMB!! Thanks my friend! As usual... these are absolutely priceless!" – Rick Mitchell, CRIK-FM The Lynx

"You have done a bunch of sweepers for me, 3 from my mediacast1 account and also for 6 before. When I received my sweepers from Mediacast1 I specifically requested you to fulfill those. You blew my socks off with the first six sweepers you made for me and you did and even more incredible job on my 3 free sweepers! I've searched many hours for voice over artists and most of them charge and arm and a leg for work without it being fully produced, so thank you so much for rocking on. Definitely look forward for more work from me. Keep up the great work." – Argo (Aaron) - Radio Nine

"Hi! Just to let you know that I received your sweepers yesterday and I got one word to describe your work. QUALITY! Finally, Not some sick duck sounding over-priced voice. Great work! Will do business with you again and recommend you to others." – Joel Legace - CKTT and Energy 105, Timmins

"Once again you did a very awesome job I'm totally impressed." – Frank Gravato, BroadcastOne

"I like it. Great job Jeff!" – Keith Wells,

"Hey Jeff, They’re awesome. Thanx for the awesome work :)" – Paul, Operations Manager HOT97, The Bay Area’s Home for Hip Hop and RnB

"Thank you very much! Excellent work!!!!!" – Memo, GMC Advertising

"I just downloaded the sweepers. Thanks very much, they are great. That’s just what I was looking for. Can't wait to put them into a programme! And thanks also for the speedy service, I'll certainly use your service again in the future. Many Thanks." – Mark, Radio Errols

"Amazing, stunning, great....both of them I love the Sci- Fi Trailer. Trust me after these I will be back…" - Colin Armstrong, Diamond FM

"Thanks Jeff for your outstanding work…, Thanks also for the super quick service.. I'll be in touch again soon!" – Richard - One Louder Radio, UK

"Thanks a lot! It sounds amazing, exactly what I was after. You are a genius. I will be sure to use your voice talent again. Thanks a lot!" – Jason A Orme, J-Soft Radio, UK

"Brother, it's a good thing you're not up here in PA because we'd get you in a giant Christian bear hug to try to convey our godly appreciation! May God remember you with favor. You ARE producing fruit with your labors. Together with others helping this gospel presentation will circulate around the world, Lord willing!!!! Remember 1 Cor. 15:58. God bless you. If we had to grade you and the woman (especially you), we'd give you an A++++++++++++! " – Dan & Cheryl Corner,

"Thanks for the good work!"– Rick Harralson – Time Warner

"Jeff, that was rockin' great! We shall contact you shortly for more sweepers. Many thanks!" – Tony, The Rock Radio

"Thanks for the file! You are one talented person; you friggin' rock! I loved the Live Remote Sweeper, from now on I am counting on you for all my imaging needs!!!!! - Jay Davenport - Coldengrey Productions – XARN Radio

"Thanks Jeff! Fantastic stuff! Really brilliant work, very impressed! The voice only folder is a nice thought, I appreciate it greatly. I'll put an advert up for you on the site. Great working with you."Macxz – Spiderpower Web Radio

"Just got the sweepers really pleased well done we shall be back for more stuff in the future. Once again, many thanks!"– Paul, Miniscule of Sound, 87.8 FM

"Hat's off to you and great quick work, I wasn't expecting that quick but I am very happy...Loved the humor and I think it definitely fits what I am looking for. Hell I shoulda bought a 12 pack , but I will definitely will be buying more within the next week or so..again, bravo on the professional work and at a affordable price. Thanks!" – Douglas, Saucemaster Radio

"Exquisite! Exactly what we wanted. Thanks a million, Jeff."– Tony,

"What Can I Say! (With apologies to Boz Scaggs) There are the rest, and then there is THE BEST. Thank you for the excellent sweeper package, my only fear is that my dulcet tones will pale in comparison to those emanating from your good self! Thanks again, and best wishes." Crawford Fulton

"The Sweepers and Promos were a masterpiece. I couldn't have asked for better quality or service. We look forward to having you do all our voice over work in the future." Terry Dunning - Power Planet Radio

"You did a fabulous job! If there is anything you need please let me know anyway I can ever help ya just halla!" Elizabeth - Dj Synthetyc – Severe Radio

"As always Jeff you are the man!!!! Your fast turn around and above and beyond the call of duty quality makes you head and shoulder s above the rest. Thanks a million!"Ron Brighton, – Z-ROCK

"Wow! Thanks!" JERIC- Death FM

"Thank you very much, it sounds great and will work perfect for me."DJ Sheister, Saturday Night Retro Dance Party

"WOW! those were fantastic! You mind if we add a link to your site on ours? Those ids were so good we gotta give you free advertising!" Ray,

"Thank you so much for the sweepers. Once again, you have done a first class job! This is exactly what I was looking for. I'll be back for more later. The sweepers are already in use at" – Alan, Streaming 70’s dot com

"Thanks very much, the sweeper is excellent, much appreciated!" Rob-

"You liners are AWSOME! I'll be getting back to you in a week or so for liner for my LPFM 105.1 THE FOX. Keep up the Great Work!" - Kyle Finchum, Sonic Sounds Mobile DJ's

"Hi Jeff, I just received the finished stuff you sent me. I love them! :-) Especially the "don't want to be in the bathroom" one. That was hilarious and you even included Troy's little laugh at the end. I *loved* that! Thanks so much again. Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be keeping in touch. Take care. Talk to ya later." – Jim - HARRS

"Thanks for the file, It's even better than I had expected! You are the best. I'm no doubt going to be ordering more in the weeks ahead."Chris,

"WOW!! Jeff, those are PERFECT!! Exactly, EXACTLY the way I heard them in my head. I'm so stoked its unbelievable. And I can't believe you did them so quickly! Many thanks!" Michael Rowse (one stoked customer!) Station owner - Valdus Radio

"Hi Jeff.........those 3 were utterly fantastic........I'm going to add them today to my play list!" Kevin, Rebel Radio

"(The promo) sounds great! Can't wait to get it up! I'll be talking to you again soon for a few more things." – Deb, Generation 80’s Retro Radio

"Hey Jeffo--To sum it Kool Sweet SLAMMING! Thanks I’ll be in touch with you for some more soon. Love the sweepers Mellow and On kind of station very nice exactly what I wanted."Edward Theodore, 1neLinkUpRadio

"Hi Jeff. The promos are AWESOME. Your voice is excellent, and combined with your choices in production elements, they definitely give our stations a very professional edge!" Mark, 101.9 The Edge

"Hello, Jeff - I just want you to know how incredibly thrilled I am with what you've done for us. You took our scripts, hardcore slammed them with your incredible talent, & gave us some amazingly kick ass station promos & sweeps! We at KDRN were very fortunate to have found & used you right off the bat, & your knocking this batch of work straight out of the ballpark, as you have, has definitely secured you as our GO-TO guy for future projects! Your professionalism, talent, & attention to detail (going out of your way for your clients as we have witnessed with our recent project) is greatly appreciated. Thanks for a job very well done! YOU THE MAN!" - Tony Ray Klimek - KDRN /

"Fabtastic Jeff! Wonderful Sweepers. (A VERY Happy Customer) - Adam Guthro, Planet Hits Radio
Just The Hits 24/7!

"Jeff’s work is not only is what I was looking for he’s lighting fast! No joke. From our first call to delivery in less than a day! Amazing! Jeff, you are AWESOME!!!!! You got all my future business!" - Amro Elfiky, Director Of Operations,

"OMG! These rock! Thank you so much Jeff! As we expand we will surely be back!! Thank you!" – Aaron,

"These sweepers are A W E S O M E! Not only were they produced fast, they were also produced with perfection. You can count on Totally Mix for business in the future. Thanks for a job well done!" - Matt Blade, Program Director - Totally Mix Radio

"Awesome job, buddy. I'll be sure to be back at you for ome more in the near future. Thanks again- great job."– William Bischoff,

"Hey, Jeff. Those sound great!" Jeremy Paxton, The Bomb Radio

"Jeff, those are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Thank you very much...I am very pleased with how things turned out...Thank you again. You have extreme talent in what you do!" DJ Davidson - Impulse Radio - Gaming Music

"Jeff, YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! and it is just starting here in the Netherlands. Damn, that's a lot to swallow early in the morning. Didn't expect them to be ready so soon. The files are incredibly awesome! I like them all! What can I say? It's the best money I've spent in a while! Thanks, dude." Dion - The KISS Podcast

"Absolutely stunning! You totally met and exceeded my expectations! Magnificent!" Ewan MacLeod - The Daily Networker Podcast

"Those were awesome! They sound GREAT! You had them extremely fast, too!" Josh - Snipenut Radio

"You're really good! The phone thing now sounds ****ing awesome! " Rich - Biggerfish - advertising, marketing, promotions

"I was sick and tired of using my own voice for the promos of my own show. Jeff offered the most affortable promos around. I immediatly fell in love with all of them. I wanted to fix 1 promo, Jeff got back to me within 2 hours with the new one and it just ROCKED! When it comes down to any production, Jeff's your man" Zeav Ott - The Political Kick

"OMG! It's wicked! Lovin' it! Thank you so much and made so quick! " DJ Hicks - Ganjabeats Radio

"Well done! Very nice. Look forward to doing business with you again." Todd - Geek News Central Podcast

"Jeff, absolutely love it! I'll be in touch with you in the next couple of days...!" Alton Lumpkin - JN Entertainment

"Jeff, you'e awesome. What a great job you did! I'm very happy with your work, but more than that I am impressed by the quality service you provide and your generosity--but, most of all your kindness: much more than I expected or paid for. You're very talented...I will tell everyone I can about your service!" Todd Ledbetter - True Life Ministry

"Excellent work. I have a feeling we'll be asking you to do more work for us in the future! Great stuff...thanks a heap!" Lou - DFX Radio

"Jeff, as on. I always say thanks and I do mean it. They are just what I need. Fast, accurate and meeting my needs at the right price, too!" Colin A - Diamond FM

"These sweepers are simply amazing. I will definitely be choosing you for more work in the future. The turnaround is also extremely good...Jeff, thanks agan, your work is trylu 110%." Terry Anderson - Surf Master Radio

"I am not worthy!! Jeff, I worked in radio for 20 years, wn a ton of production awards and I'm in awe of your work. Thanks so much. God bless." Steve - New Horizons Radio

Thank you so much. It is awesome! I am very happy. H. Melo - The World Net Radio

"Thanks for the great voiceovers!" James - The Bassline Cartel

"They're GREAT! Thanks a lot. This will give our station the boost we were looking for! Eric - Radio Grosistad Online - The Netherlands Biggest 80's Station!

"Well, what can I say? Blown away! They are great! Just how I wanted them, done is super quick time, too. Superb job! Thanks a million!" Paul O'Connell, The Rock Specialist - Rock FM

"Oh, my good Lord! I am speechless! That was just awesome. I nearly fell out of my seat. Not only did you email me not even 5 minutes after the transaction went through, your turnaround time is amazing; your voice is amazing. I will be coming back to you for all my voice needs. Thank you again!" Justin Waggoner - Clock Crew Radio

"OMFG. That's the best sh*t I ever heard. I p*ssed my pants. GREAT work. Rikard - TGBF Radio

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