Jeff Straub Demos
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12 produced sweeps for as low as $99.95!

NOTE: To activate Demos, you may need to hit the CTRL key when you click the demo genre style

CHR DEMO | 4.79mb - 2:06
Contemporary Hits Radio! Aggressive, fun and no holds barred imaging.

ROCK DEMO | 4.43mb - 1:56
Anything goes, the more obnoxious, the better (sometimes)!

URBAN DEMO | 4.36mb - 2:06
The sound YOU need for your urban/hiphop or RnB station.

COMMERCIALS DEMO | 6.63mb - 2:54
From soft sell, to hard sell to certifiably insane (please don't tell the men in white coats!), we can do it!

CLASSIC ROCK 1 | 2.25mb - 1:38
Rock, the old way. Also see Classic Rock/ Oldies Demo.

A/C - Smooth DEMO | 1.35mb - :59
Yep, we can do it "smoothly!"

SPORTS/TALK DEMO | 3.17mb - 1:23
Sports/Talk is one of my fav things to do--and well, "Talk?" Isn't it obvious? I love to talk!

CLASSIC ROCK / OLDIES | 2.25mb - 1:38
Rock, but with less attitude reminiscent of the way things used to be.

ASSORTED STYLES DEMO | 5.31mb - 2:19

MAINSTREAM DEMO | 1.71mb - 1:52
Yep, I CAN be the guy next door.

COUNTRY DEMO | 1.30mb - 0:57
I played country music for a living as a kiddo. Country is always fun. It's down home," the guy next door" stuff.



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