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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, give us a call at 1-800-481-5012 or email us 

Q - How does the process of placing an order work?
A - Orders are normally paid in advance from the "order" page. For established terrestrial radio stations, television stations or corporations, we can work out an invoicing process.
After the order is placed, I will ask you for scripts and/or enough information to write scripts with/for you (such as station information, format, style of approach requested, etc.). When enough information is received and payment arrangements are confirmed, your project is completed as soon as possible!

Q - Will you do my project for free? My station is: "non-profit" or "Internet only" or "I'm working to save the whales!"
A - NO. As much as I support saving whales and believe in supporting non-profits, I just can't do "free." It's simply not fair to my paying customers. Also, we're confident that our prices are low enough that just about anyone can afford our services. We also do not do barter deals. We already have web hosting!
Q - If I do not exceed your time constraints can I count multiple spots as one? Like, can you do four :15's as a :60 dry read.
A - No, a single spot is a single spot. Time constraints are set as maximums. Now, for DJ drops, if it's just a name or very brief phrase we can talk about special considerations.
Q - If my ad is just :15 does that count as a "sweeper" order?
A - Nope. An ad is an ad and must therefore be ordered as an ad. Ads start at up to :30 in duration.
Q - If I order say, 12 spots and I only need 6 now, can I wait to get the remainder?
A - Yes, you may "bank" spots. I only ask that you assist me in keeping track of your order's progress. I know it's a really nice problem to have, but on average I am juggling between 3-8 projects a day. Do the math...that's between 21 and 56 a, please forgive me if I don't remember your name (or sometimes MY name) until I check my notes.
Q - Is that REALLY your voice?
A - This question gets asked more than many of you might imagine! As tempting as it is to joke about it, I'll put it plainly: Yes, it's my voice. No, I don't pitch shift it and no, there isn't software you can buy to make your 12 year old sound like a movie trailer dude.
Q - All right, Dude. How come you cost so much less than everyone else?
A - With digital equipment, it’s not difficult to create a very high quality product in an expeditious manner.  Our business model is set on not how MUCH we can charge, but on how much we need to net an hour to remain viable. Our pricing does us well and best of all--It will do YOU well.
Q -In what format do you deliver your product?
A -Usually, we complete files as 320/44 stereo mp3s and upload them to a client's folder on our website for easy download. We can also place spots on your FTP.  We can also record in other formats and even provide you with CDs if you so wish at a slight, additional charge.
Q -You mentioned digital equipment.  What equipment do you use?
A -For software, I use either Soundforge or Cool Edit Pro to record (though I do have a 32 track digital HD recorder for music) and I like to use Izotope’s Ozone for that analog mastering sound. I use a Neumann TLM-103 microphone through an ART tube preamp, to a Symetrix 528E voice processor.
Q -Where do you get all of those cool sound effects?
A - I purchase licenses for radio imaging elements or create my own effects when I have time. I REALLY like CREMEMACHINE stuff, right now. It's rockin and the owner is "good people" as they say in these here parts.
Q -How long until I get my audio after I place an order?
A -We’ll let you know at the time of your order. Small orders are usually delivered within 24 hours. A full Station Launcher package could take as long as 7-10 days depending on our other obligations and the complexity of your needs.
Q -Do you do a monthly imaging retainer for Internet or terrestrial stations?
A -Sure, but we’re selective.  We want to be sure that we are a good match for our clients. If you are interested in such a contract, please contact us via email or visit our Retain Jeff page
Q -Will you do barter deals in exchange for banner ads or audio commercials on my site or station?
A - No. Barter always seems to leave one party with the short ned of the deal.
We DO have some freebie public service announcements for download available to our Internet Radio and non-commercial station friends.
Q - We already have a voice-over that provides dry reads. Will you produce our stuff?
A - Sure. I do it from time to time. Of course, it's easier for me just to do the VO myself in that I can add inflection, add a phrase, do whatever. I don't have the luxury of that with your pre-recorded files. The cost of production is usually the same as if I voiced the spots.
Q -We love your stuff, but your voice is too low or just doesn't fit our station format. Who would you recommend we talk to?
A -Without any doubt, you need to talk to my "partner in crime," Ray Gauthier! He rocks, has a great style that is totally different from mine and puts out a great product! Also, if you need a great female voice, check out the lovely and very talented Penny Galloway!

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